The Mark of

Supreme Satisfaction

Supreme Steel Pipe Corp. lives to its commitment to innovation and excellence with an unending pursuit to new ideas that have the potential to provide quality products and solutions that can impact
lives within and outside our organization.

We are dedicated to strive more in enhancing our
services as part of continuing the role of a complete,
reliable, and trusted steel pipe provider.


Established year 1991, Supreme Steel Pipe Corporation is a local manufacturer of black iron and galvanized iron steel pipes with a commitment to provide customer satisfaction to its local and international clientele. Time-tested products, reliable services, and superior solutions at competitive prices make Supreme Steel Pipe the premier choice for any industrial, commercial, and residential piping need.

Our products’ capability to be utilized on a multitude of applications can never be stressed enough. Even when tested against time and various environmental hazards, our steel pipes ensure durability and versatility that are proven to deliver in every construction ventures you have in mind.

Servicing Nationwide

Aside from offering superior steel pipe products and services at competitive prices, Supreme Steel Pipe Corp. offers absolute convenience through being a one-stop shop for steel pipes that ensures an unmatched and time definite delivery service all over the Philippines.


#5 Harmony St., Grace Village, Brgy.
Balingasa, Balintawak, Quezon City


Mandaue City 6014, Cebu, Philippines


Damosa, Davao City


Supreme Pipe

Black Iron and Galvanized Iron

Heavy Gauge Pipes

Schedule 40

ASTM A-53 / PNS 26

Superior Pipe

Black Iron and Galvanized Iron

Heavy Gauge Pipes

Schedule 40

ASTM A-53 / PNS 26

Tri-R Pipe

Black Iron and Galvanized Iron

Light Gauge Pipes

PNS 26

Strux Pipe

Steel Pipe for Special Applications and Requirements

Fencing | Scaffolding | Railings


Supreme Steel Pipe Corp. performs exceptionally in the industry through delivering a complete variety of steel pipe products marked by continuous technological innovation and leading-edge product upgrade in compliance with various standard and quality certification bodies.




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