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    Supreme Steel Pipe Corporation holds the position in front of the steel piping business. As a result of ensured public trust, Supreme has established itself as one of the most respected steel pipe suppliers in the Philippines since 1991.

    Supreme Steel Pipe constantly improves our locally-produced steel pipes through technological innovation, enhance our reliable services, and always offer the most competitive prices in the market without compromising quality. It is our goal to make our local brands: Supreme, Superior, and Tri-R pipes, the premier choice in all steel piping needs.

    Our company will venture to maintain our undisputed character as a leading steel pipe supplier in the country notwithstanding the ever-changing market conditions and customer needs through augmenting a continuous enhancement in the quality of our products and achieving excellent customer service experience.

    The Four Marks of Supreme Satisfaction


    Proven to have performed exceptionally since 1991 providing consistency in sizing, strength, fitting and finishing.


    Complete range of sizing with guaranteed dependable and supply when needed.


    On-time delivery with logistical support nationwide.


    Quality at competitive prices through continuous innovation and product upgrade.

    Testing and Inspection


    In adherence to our integrity management process, all pipes are guaranteed 100% hydrotested in order to validate that these will function under desired conditions once used to different applications.


    Destructive test takes necessary measures to check the quality of tensile strength, elongation, hardness, and ending.


    During the line of non-destructive process, the dimensions and physical properties of our steel pipes are checked including the accuracy of their diameter, wall thickness, length, straightness, and workmanship.

    Also, the zinc coating is tested by an electromagnetic meter to make sure that the coverage is 75 microns or above.