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    5 Advantages of Using Steel Pipes in Construction

    5 Advantages of Using Steel Pipes in Construction

    What are the advantages of using steel pipes in construction?

    1. Durability
    2. Resistance to corrosion
    3. Easily malleable
    4. Recyclable
    5. Cost-efficient


    Steel pipes have become a widely-used material in the construction business for decades now. It is viewed by contractors and builders as an alloy of iron that boasts desirable properties. Oftentimes, steel pipes are chosen over other materials. With that, the advantages of using steel pipes in construction are something to be kept in mind.

    As the leading steel pipe supplier in the Philippines, we at Supreme Pipe believe that the demand for this material will continue to rise. Read on to see how steel pipes can benefit your construction project today!



    There are two main uses for steel pipes in construction – structural and transportation. For structural purposes, steel pipes are inserted deep underground before the foundation is laid to provide stability. If you see a disruption in your local area, then those are most likely because construction workers are laying steel pipes.

    As for transportation, steel pipes are used for oil, gas, sewage, and water. In other projects, it supports the flow of hazardous chemicals as well. In some cases, steel pipes are used as bollards to protect establishments and people from vehicle-ramming accidents.

    All of these applications demand the durability of materials. This is where the strength of steel pipes is a desirable advantage.

    Unlike other materials, its durability enables it to withstand high pressure, vibrations, and shock. Rest assured that you won’t have to constantly replace steel pipes for many years beyond installation.


    Resistance to Corrosion

    Large steel factory warehouse

    Corrosion is arguably one of the most common problems in construction. After all, it leads to compromising the structural integrity of projects. Unlike other pipes, steel pipes are ideal to work with because of their resistance to corrosion.

    For example, plastic pipes that experienced wear and tear may no longer be conducive for application. Copper pipe fittings are not corrosion-resistant, making them more likely to pose dangers to entire structures.

    Galvanization is a process that involves the application of a layer of zinc coating to steel pipes. This is what makes the product more prone to rusting.

    With a corrosion-resistant layer, it’s far safer to continue using steel pipes. They would be able to maintain superior performance quality, making them perfect for high-pressure applications.


    Easily Malleable

    Builders seek materials that are easy to fabricate because it gives them freedom in terms of construction planning. It can also mean reduced physical waste during last-minute changes.

    As a material, steel is flexible. It is a metal used to achieve numerous construction needs because it is highly malleable. This property refers to a material’s ability to be formed into different shapes without breaking.

    Steel pipes have high tensile strength, making it perfect for supporting all kinds of structures. Rest assured that it will not suffer from breakage when you use it for your projects.

    From commercial spaces, laboratories, to industrial sectors – steel pipes offer a wide range of applications because of malleability.



    Construction engineers discussion with architects at constructio

    With an alarming rise in environmental problems, contractors and builders are being called upon to reduce waste and make use of recyclable materials. This is where a steel pipes’ recyclability makes it advantageous to work with.

    Steel is the most recycled material on the planet. In fact, it is more recyclable than all the other materials combined. It retains an 86% recycling rate. According to a study, a staggering 69% of steel gets recycled after use in North America alone.

    When the pipes are no longer needed, they can simply be melted down and be used from one product to another. Its property allows it to be recycled continually with no degradation in performance quality.



    Using steel pipes can help you cut down on different construction project costs.

    Given its innate strength, a small amount of the metal goes a long way in supporting foundations.

    The less material you need to install in a project, the less labor workforce will be needed. Of course, fewer work hours will lead to less money spent on wages.

    In addition, steel pipes are significantly cheaper than other materials. Its price has remained low because manufacturers are making use of recycled steel to create new products. On the other hand, materials made of concrete cannot be recycled.

    Let’s not forget that steel pipes don’t need to be replaced constantly, making it a cost-efficient option for construction projects.


    Key Takeaway

    In the Philippines, steel pipes are used for a number of industries. However, the advantages of using steel pipes in construction are arguably the most evident.

    If you’re looking to use steel pipes for a project, make sure you choose the one with superior quality. At Supreme Pipe, we provide you with just that.

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