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    Architectural Applications of Pipes

    Architectural Applications of Pipes

    What are the architectural applications of iron pipes?

    1. Design Function Materials
    2. Carving and Sculpture
    3. Geodesic Domes


    If you’re a fan of all things aesthetic, you’ll definitely want to know about how you can make use of architectural iron pipes. Doing so can transform any space to have that industrial décor feel while keeping utilitarian design in mind.

    Pipes are used primarily to transport flowing materials. Anything from water, refined petroleum, sewage, masses of small solids, and slurry, can be conveyed from one point to another. But with a little creativity and resourcefulness, anyone can use threaded fittings to create a number of architectural projects as well.

    Several famous architects make use of iron pipes for their projects. This construction material is widely available in the market and highly durable as well.

    From the elbow joints, bent pipes, all the way down to iron flanges, you’ll be surprised how versatile iron pipes are. We’ve rounded up some architectural applications of pipes. Read on!


    Design Function Materials

    Large modern office building

    During the Industrial Revolution, the jobs of everyday working people were in manufacturing factories, warehouses, and other structures. Back then, décor lacked ornamentation and focused on pure functional design.

    Bolted downpipe staircase railings, dangling light fixtures, exposed electrical conduits, and suspended pipe ceilings – these are some of the characteristics you will typically see inside industrial spaces. Here, there’s no doubt that iron pipes are the main distinguishing material. These types of applications are still popular up to this day and are mostly used on corporate towers and even on world-class events places.

    If you want to change the look of any space, use solid black pipes as shelving brackets. Do this by mounting wall studs and then installing the twisted fittings together with a screw. Place beautiful wooden boards on top of each set to create several refined yet rustic storages.

    Transform the appearance of your drawers and cabinets using a high-quality iron pipe like the Black Iron and Galvanized Iron Light Gauge Pipe. It is made of solid iron and corrosion resistance as well. A variety of pipe handles and pulls can easily produce unique and functional pieces of hardware.

    Sometimes, iron pipes are left exposed after construction projects. Instead of covering everything up, use them as part of your industrial décor. Simply install the beams to create drop ceilings with exposed pipe designs. Impress your guests and place an eye-catching light in the room.

    The history of industrial décor dates way back during the 19th and early 20th centuries. Today, industrial spaces are admired by many for creating riveting design statements.


    Carving and Sculpture

    If you didn’t already know you can easily shape galvanized iron pipes to make carvings and sculptures as well. What makes these architectural design pieces stunning is that it expresses emotions and concepts.

    Don’t underestimate the power of bold sculptures in transforming any modern space. A Korean artist named Duck-Bong Kang created top-notch sculptures by painting multiple cuts of pipes with urethane paint.

    To make such sculptures and carvings, you simply have to purchase iron pipes and a variety of fittings to design any art concept. At Supreme Pipe, we can deliver all kinds of iron pipes for your needs. Once the materials arrive, be creative! Pour all your ideas on the display.


    Geodesic Domes

    [Construction roof] Roofer worker in protective uniform wear and

    Geodesic domes are thin-shell structures that are hemispherical in shape. Composed of polygonal and triangular flat planes, these top-notch domes are primarily used for shelter purposes. However, it can be used for other establishments such as military bases, auditoriums, and churches as well.

    It does not come off as a surprise when geodesic domes quickly rose to popularity. Typically, these types of shelters require less building materials necessary. They are highly durable, energy-efficient, inexpensive, and uniquely designed as well.

    Some geodesic domes across the world have withstood hurricanes and earthquakes better than other types of building structures.

    Given the complexity of a geodesic dome’s shape, it would be best to research on how to properly form the structure. But rest assured that with iron pipes by your side, you too can build one of these 20-foot shelters successfully. At Supreme Pipe, we are ready to provide you with all your necessary iron pipe material needs.


    Key Takeaway

    By making use of architectural iron pipes, you can surely build all kinds of designs. Iron pipes are not limited to the ones listed above. From aesthetic and design function material, carving, sculpture, all the way down to geodesic domes – the opportunities are endless.

    Architectural industries are not the only ones who can build these. The versatility of these materials can create superior materials for all kinds of industries as well.

    At Supreme Pipe, we are the premier choice for steel piping needs. With over 29 years of expertise in the steel piping industry, we are dedicated to offering clients with the top-notch quality galvanized pipes and the most reliable services.

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