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    8 Benefits of Non-Destructive Testing

    8 Benefits of Non-Destructive Testing

    What are the benefits of non-destructive testing?

    1. Uses non-invasive procedures
    2. Is a comprehensive testing method
    3. Improves safety and accident prevention
    4. Reduces downtime
    5. Saves on costs
    6. Ensures quality control
    7. Mitigates environmental risk
    8. Helps with regulatory compliance

    To properly maintain your steel pipes and steel machinery, your business has to use multiple testing methods to determine whether it’s fit for use or needs some repair. For many industries and applications, the commonly used testing method is Non-Destructive Testing (NDT). Through this, materials, structures, and components can be evaluated swiftly and accurately without being physically affected by the testing method. Not sure if you should use this method? Here are 8 benefits of Non-Destructive Testing, and how they affect your business:


    Uses non-invasive procedures

    Uses non-invasive procedures

    As its name suggests, Non-Destructive Testing tests any item without damaging or destroying it. You can use this testing method to see the structural integrity of your materials or components without any of the negative repercussions that usually happen with other methods.


    Any piece of machinery, metal product, and the like can undergo various types of Non-Destructive Testing without being affected in any way. In fact, none of its performance or integrity can be impaired, even if it goes through multiple stages of Non-Destructive Testing.


    Is a comprehensive testing method

    Despite this form of testing not having any physical effect on your items, Non-Destructive Testing is still a very comprehensive method. It can not only examine a whole product but also its individual components. Furthermore, this technique can be applied to multiple stages of production, which helps manufacturers identify and resolve problems before they affect their product.


    Improves safety and accident prevention

    Non-Destructive Testing techniques can be used to determine whether a material or product is safe for people to use. Thus, it is an important step for ensuring product safety. It is also used to determine whether the item is also safe to handle during various stages of production, which improves worker safety and prevents possible accidents.


    The testing method itself is safe for people to perform, though certain ones (such as those involving radiographic machinery) require additional safety gear and must be carried out under strict settings.


    Non-Destructive Testing, when carried out properly and regularly, can save lives. This is particularly true when done in industries that frequently handle volatile or high-pressure materials and equipment.  


    Reduces downtime

    Any manufacturer and business owner knows how downtime burns money, but it is inevitable when your products and materials turn out to be faulty or in need of replacement and repair.


    Techniques like Non-Destructive Testing can help keep your assets in top shape and running smoothly and reliably. You are not placed at risk of experiencing avoidable problems with your assets or having to shut down entire parts of your operations just for maintenance and repairs.


    Saves on costs

    As we touched upon in the previous section, Non-Destructive Testing can help you avoid incurring costs when it comes to downtime. Likewise, it can also help you save money in different ways. Keeping a lid on expenses is a key component for any business, and many Non-Destructive Testing technologies and instruments provide better cost benefits compared to other testing methods.


    Materials, products, and the like will always need to be inspected at different intervals to ensure safety and quality. Non-Destructive Testing is best at giving insights that reveal potential problems. As a result, you are more effective at replacing or repairing assets as needed — well before a real malfunction or breakdown happens. This helps you save more money in the long term. 

    Ensures quality control

    Non-Destructive Testing can be used to ensure the highest levels of quality for anything it’s used on — from raw materials right down to the finished product. These methods can be used to remove the risk of any errors, inaccuracies, and other issues that affect your materials and products. This ensures the consistency of your products and helps establish strict quality control measures.


    Mitigates environmental risk

    With all the issues cropping up today, the environmental impact of your manufacturing and other operations is something every business should consider. Using outdated testing methods that negatively impact the surrounding environment poses major problems. Reputational damage, financial penalties, and the costs of rehabilitation are all things that your business could be saddled with when you use such methods.


    Non-Destructive Testing is a more environmentally-friendly method as it doesn’t produce material waste during testing. Therefore, it is a must if you want to avoid such pitfalls, while also avoiding flawed products, potential accidents, and other deficiencies with your assets.


    Helps with regulatory compliance

    Helps with regulatory compliance

    Business owners know how important compliance with the law is. Non-Destructive Testing is an effective way to get accurate and unbiased results, which show that your assets can meet any industry standards it should. 


    Non-Destructive Testing can also be used to maintain the reliability of your production, ensuring each material that is processed is fit for handling, and won’t potentially cause disastrous malfunctions or accidents. This ensures that the working environment is safe, and meets industry regulations.


    Key Takeaway

    Simply put, the benefits of Non-Destructive Testing are that it is a cost-effective and comprehensive way of examining materials, products, and components for their integrity and quality. 


    At Supreme Pipe, we use Non-Destructive testing to audit and evaluate all of our pipe products, to ensure they perform reliably. If you like to learn more about our products and their quality, send us a message here.