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    What Makes Supreme Steel Pipe Corp. One of The Best Plumbing Supplier In The Philippines?

    What Makes Supreme Steel Pipe Corp. One of The Best Plumbing Supplier In The Philippines?

    What makes Supreme Steel Pipe Corp. the best plumbing supplier in the Philippines?

    1. Certified by TUV Rheinland & the PS Quality
    2. Offers quality yet affordable pipes
    3. Products undergo rigorous testing and inspection
    4. Prioritizes customer satisfaction


    Steel pipes are used across various industries here in the Philippines from construction, oil and gas, to the water supply sector. Why? These pipes are able to withstand corrosion, high-water pressure level, and combustion. Its durability helps it resist wear and tear from all kinds of environments. If you’re planning to purchase plumbing steel pipes for your project, it’s worth noting that choosing a plumbing supplier in the Philippines is not an easy feat with the various supplier options in the market.


    To help you make a smart purchasing decision, we discuss further why Supreme Steel Pipe Corp. should be the plumbing supplier of your choice. With our years of experience, stringent product testing and inspection, and certifications, we have been the reputable steel pipe supplier in the Philippines with its Continue reading to learn more! 


    Certified by TUV Rheinland & the PS Quality

    Supreme Steel Pipe Corp. has received several certifications that guarantee the company’s commitment to providing quality plumbing products. We ensure that clients only receive time-tested steel pipes with consistent finish, fitting, strength, and sizing. We also take pride in complying with occupational safety standards to promote a safer and more productive workplace for our team. 


    ISO Certification – TUV Rheinland

    This certification is applied to various safety-relevant areas. This can fall under different projects and companies like IT processes, functional safety systems, and individual product systems. 


    With the TUV-Rheinland ISO Certification, it is certified that Supreme Steel Pipe Corp. follows standard compliance and qualification of products. It also shows that they comply with proper management systems, personnel, and manufacturing processes. 


    PS Mark 

    All products that are distributed in the Philippine market whether they are locally produced or imported are required to have Philippine (PS) Quality Mark or Safety Mark. 


    The PS Quality Mark shows customers that they are purchasing from a company that has certified quality and safety procedures provided by the Philippine National Standards. 


    Supreme Pipe Corp. showcases its certifications to show its customers their ability to comply with acceptable occupational safety standards. This shows their efforts to promote a safer and more productive workplace. 


    Offers quality yet affordable pipes

    Offers quality yet affordable pipes

    As one of the leading plumbing suppliers in the Philippines, Supreme Steel Pipe Corp. is able to accommodate various kinds of steel product-related requests. Whether it be for a small or large-scale project, we make sure that all our plumbing products are priced affordably. 


    Take for example our black iron pipes. These are made of the highest-class protective zinc barrier and are still priced competitively to rival the top suppliers in the Philippine market. Customers still get the highest quality pipe that can last up to fifty years without breaking the bank. 


    Undergo rigorous testing and inspection

    Undergo rigorous testing and inspection

    Pipes have various applications. To ensure that our pipes can withstand plumbing applications, each one undergoes rigorous testing and inspection. Supreme Steel Pipe Corp. ensures that each pipe pass these three tests:


    Hydro Testing

    Pipes are commonly used in plumbing. That’s why it should go through hydro testing. This evaluates a pipe’s instructional integrity. Here, a pipe is filled up with water. The water pressure is increased and held for a certain time duration then released. 


    Supreme Steel Pipe Corp. guarantees that all of its pipes are 100% hydro-tested. This is done to validate its function under the desired conditions used in various applications. 


    Destructive Testing

    This is a series of tests to see how a pipe performs under different kinds of loads. It’s designed to make a material fail so that its manufacturers can analyze its robustness and points of failure. 


    Supreme Steels Pipe Corp. takes the necessary measures to check its piping product qualities. This includes its tensile strength, hardness, ending, and elongation. 


    Non-Destructive Testing

    This type of testing is used to evaluate other properties of the pipe. During non-destructive testing, the physical properties of steel pipes are checked alongside the accuracy of their wall thickness, length, diameter, and workmanship. On top of that, the pipe’s zinc coating is also tested. This is done by using an electromagnetic meter to ensure its coverage is 75 microns or above. 


    Prioritize customer satisfaction

    Supreme Pipe Steel Corp. has been in the steel pipe supplier industry for over two decades. With this experience, we are able to ensure consistency in manufacturing high-precision steel products. 


    It’s in those two decades that we were able to accommodate clients from various industries. This makes it possible for Supreme Steel Pipe Corp. to tailor-fit various steel needs. 


    On top of that, we guarantee customer satisfaction with on-time delivery services. With the precedence of ample logistical support across the country, we can deliver to almost any point in the Philippines. 


    Customers can easily distinguish Supreme Steel Pipe Corp. with its time-tested traditional steel-marking methods. 


    Key Takeaway

    Supreme Steel Pipe Corp. is among the best plumbing suppliers in the Philippines because our plumbing and steel pipe products uphold quality standards as proven by their various certifications. If you’re looking for high-grade steel pipes for your plumbing system, contact us here at Supreme Steel Pipe Corp. We offer a wide product selection for you to choose from. 

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