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    4 Signs It’s Time For A Metal Fence Replacement

    4 Signs It’s Time For A Metal Fence Replacement

    What are the signs it’s time for a metal fence replacement?

    1. Paint Chipping
    2. Corrosion
    3. Warping and Bending
    4. Collisions and Disasters


    Just like the roof of a house, the walls of a building, or the weight-bearing posts of any structure, fences are an essential component when building a property. Serving the purpose of effectively limiting the access to an area while providing visibility of both sides, fences were once traditionally made of wood. Nowadays, in order to serve the purpose of standing firm and being resistant to wear and tear, fences are most commonly made of metal. Yet eventually there will come a time in which metal fencing will need to be replaced. So what are the signs to replace metal fences? Continue reading on to learn more! 


    Paint Chipping

    Metal fences are often coated with a type of protective layer in order to lengthen their life and increase their resistance to weathering and elements that wear it down. 


    For example, with metals such as galvanized iron, the metal is coated with zinc while black iron is coated with iron oxide to resist corrosion. Stainless steel is often uncoated in order to maintain its shine and any paint or coating is unnecessary due to its inherent resistance to rust. 


    But for every other metal, paint is usually applied not just for decorative purposes but to serve as a layer of protection. Once the paint begins to chip or fall off due to time or temperature, a simple solution could be to re-apply the paint. However, there are times when a simple retouch is not enough and paint chipping may simply be a symptom of an underlying root cause such as internal corrosion. For this scenario, a metal fence replacement would be the best choice. 




    As mentioned previously, rust is an important consideration as the primary reason for the degradation of metal fences. If left untreated, the onset of corrosion exposes more of the metal to water and oxygen as flakes of rust expose deeper parts of the components. This is why either an application of a protective coating is necessary but when it’s gotten to the point that the corrosion has already compromised the structural integrity, it’s a good sign to replace at least that segment of the metal fence.


    Warping and Bending

    Speaking of structural integrity, when a metal fence starts to bend and warp, it usually happens slowly and over the course of a long period of time due to a seemingly insignificant but extremely constant source of pressure or weight. At times, the sinking of soil due to sinkholes, erosion, or even tectonic shifts can create a space below the fence causing it to lose its grip and therefore sag. 


    More often when it comes to places abundant with trees, roots can push up from below and branches can grow outwards causing fences to lean. When something like this happens, one can opt to simply cut the tree down or replace the soil with new dirt or sand. But once the fence has already been bent, it’s safer and more efficient to simply replace it rather than spending more money. 


    Collision and Disasters

    Collision and Disasters

    Sometimes, it happens slowly, but at times an accident or a natural disaster heavily damages a metal fence no matter how new it is! 


    A typhoon or a hurricane can send heavy tree branches or entire tree trunks down onto a fence, completely flattening it like a soda can. As much of a hassle as it is, it would require one to first hire a professional with the right tools to clear the fallen debris before completely repairing the fence. 


    In addition to this, accidents like car collisions, unfortunately, take place as well, as fences are usually lined along roads or properties bordered by driveways. This is why when a vehicle collides into a fence, one must consider replacing the damaged segment entirely as it’s absolutely way past the point of repairs.



    Key Takeaway

    Although it does make sense at times to simply repair any damage that is done to a metal fence, it is not always the best solution. Minor damage that requires a new coat of paint can be reasonably done, however attempting to salvage a metal fence that is beyond any scope of hope of being repaired will only lead to potential accidents, break-ins, and further damage to your property. That’s why it is crucial to check for the 4 signs to replace metal fences stated above. 


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