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    What are Fire Fighting Pipes: 2 Things You Need to Know

    What are Fire Fighting Pipes: 2 Things You Need to Know

    What are fire fighting pipes?

    1. They are used to convey fire suppression agents
    2. There are different kinds of fire fighting pipes

    Firefighting pipes are one of the most crucial components of any establishment. It protects occupants, assets, and other valuables in case of fire. These pipes are usually painted red to make it easier for firefighters and other individuals to identify and separate them from other types of water systems.

    This blog will discuss what are fire fighting pipes, what types are used in fire elimination systems, and how to select the right fire-fighting pipes.


    They are used to convey fire suppression agents

    They are used to convey fire suppression agents

    Fire fighting pipes are one of the types of normal carbon steel pipes used to convey fire suppression agents such as gas or water. In general, they are red, but black iron and galvanized pipes are also used by many steel pipe suppliers depending on what they’ll be used for.

    Additionally, installation of red-painted steel pipes is only limited to wet pipe sprinkler systems. These are sprinklers that are attached to another piping system. It automatically turns on when a fire is detected so water to be discharged right away.

    On the other hand, black iron and galvanized pipes can be used in both wet and dry pipe sprinkler systems, including preaction pipe sprinkler systems. A dry pipe system also contains sprinklers, but they are not attached to the plumbing. Instead, the pipes contain nitrogen or air. They are activated by heat so that fire can be put out without using too much water.


    There are different kinds of fire fighting pipes

    There are different kinds of fire fighting pipes

    Firefighting pipes are one of the basic elements found in most residential and commercial establishments. Certain sectors, especially those with higher fire risk, are required to install fire fighting pipes in their establishments for safety precautions.

    Here are some of the kinds of firefighting pipes that we at Supreme Pipe Corp., the best steel pipe supplier in the Philippines, can provide your establishments.


    Red-Painted Pipes

    Red-painted pipes are commonly used for wet-sprinkler systems. This kind of pipe should always be connected to the establishment’s water supply to release water immediately when a fire occurs.

    These pipes are colored bright red to firemen and other workers easily determine them among the many pipe systems in a building. This makes it easy to conduct repairs and replacements when necessary.

    Additionally, the red-painted pipes from us here at Supreme Pipe Corp. are made from either iron or carbon steel for them to easily carry heavy loads of liquids such as water that can be connected to firefighting equipment.


    Black Iron Pipes

    Supreme Pipe Corp.’s black iron pipes are usually used for fire sprinkler systems. They are resistant to various external factors like UV light. You won’t notice any damage when exposed to light, making them a good choice for a fire protection system.

    Black iron pipes are also fire-resistant and can easily withstand extremely high pressures of heat. You’re guaranteed that they will stay safe and intact when an abrupt fire breaks loose in the establishment, reducing accidents in times of emergency.

    Lastly, they are effortless to install thanks to their durability. You won’t find any single scrapes or dents on their surface and not all pipes have this kind of strength.


    Galvanized Pipes

    Supreme Pipe Corp.’s galvanized pipes can be used for pre-action fire protection systems. They have unique characteristics such as durability, water-resistant, and corrosion-resistant that allow them to be used for both wet and dry applications.

    Due to that, they can be used longer, which makes them an ideal pipe material for the pre-action system since they can withstand both heat and water.


    How to Select the Right Fire Fighting Pipes?

    In the Philippines, fire fighting pipes are strictly divided into various specifications. As a buyer, you might consider buying suitable fire fighting pipes by having a clear understanding of their specifications. Now, let this part be your guide when looking out for the right fire fighting pipes.


    Identify the Type of a Fire Fighting Pipe

    Nowadays, most fire pipeline facilities are connected by grooves. Identifying a pipe type plays a crucial factor that affects the quality of pipe-grooved connections. Additionally, the groove connection method can be used for red-painted, black iron, and galvanized pipes.


    Determine the Quality Requirements

    It’s important to know that grooved pipe fittings are engaged with the outer wall of the pipe. It should not be any bigger since this can cause the pipe joint to leak. In addition, weak galvanized layers and insufficient wall thickness are unqualified pipe materials as they will lead to pipe joint rupture or water seepage. That’s why strict control of pipe quality is crucial. So, make sure that you’re selecting a fire fighting pipe that has met the required specifications for your establishment.


    Key Takeaway

    This article answered the question: what are fire fighting pipes? It also tackled the different types of pipes used depending on the kind of sprinkler system attached. From red-painted pipes to black iron pipes to galvanized iron pipes, each has its special uses depending on the type of system used in the establishment.

    At Supreme Pipe Corp, we have various types of pipes that can be used in different fire alarm and fire protection systems. They are made with durable materials to meet industry standards, so they will always be ready to perform in fire emergencies. You can view our complete product catalog here or get in touch with Supreme Pipe today if you have more questions or concerns.