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    What Causes Air in the Water Pipes

    What Causes Air in the Water Pipes

    What causes air in the water pipes?

    1. Leaks
    2. Plumbing maintenance or installation
    3. Water supply interruptions
    4. Broken plumbing parts
    5. Drought


    • Water pipes can be damaged by the presence of air in its interiors.
    • The most common causes of air in water systems are leaks, plumbing maintenance or installation, water supply interruptions, broken plumbing parts, and drought.
    • You can check if there is air in your water pipes by looking for noisy piping, sputtering faucets, inconsistent water pressure, and air bubbles in your water.

    Air in water pipes is a common issue that can lead to various problems, from noisy systems to reduced water pressure and inconsistent water flow. Understanding what causes air in the water pipes is essential for diagnosing and addressing these issues effectively.

    This article explores the reasons behind the presence of air plumbing systems, providing insights into how these air pockets form and the impact they can have on your pipes. Read on to maintain a smooth and efficient water supply.

    Common Signs of Air in Your Water Pipes

    Piping systems are designed to be airtight to prevent moisture from entering a system and causing corrosion. For industries that have water or liquid flow as part of their operations, the presence of air in their systems affects their ability to take accurate metering and control.

    It can also lead to contamination risks for water supply systems. Sudden compression from air bubbles can create shockwaves that can damage pipes and their fittings when left unattended.

    Some common signs that indicate the presence of air in your water pipes are the following:

    • Noisy pipes. The air might be present in the piping system if you hear gurgling, rattling, or even loud banging coming from the interiors of the pipes, particularly those installed inside walls.
    • Sputtering faucets. This is noticeable in plumbing systems. If faucets are spitting water or sputtering as they are being turned on, this can be a sign the air is trapped in the plumbing pipes.
    • Inconsistent water pressure. The air inside pipes can cause water pressure to oscillate, making it difficult to consistently maintain a steady flow.
      Air bubbles in the water. If you see air bubbles coming out of the water as you turn on your faucets, air is likely present in your piping system.

    Causes for Air Inside Water Pipes

    The air inside water pipes can stem from several sources. These factors can lead to noisy pipes, reduced water pressure, and irregular water flow, requiring prompt attention to ensure efficient plumbing operation.


    A water pipe may develop a leak if there are cracks, holes, or other unseen damage present within the pipeline. Internal factors such as overexposure to moisture or hard water can lead to corrosion, resulting in leaks. Blockage pileup within a water pipe can increase the pressure inside of the pipe, which can also turn into leaks.

    Other external factors such as extreme temperature fluctuations can also cause the pipes to expand and contract, leading to cracks that can let air into the piping system.

    In addition to internal and external factors, leaks can be caused by faulty installation. Loose joints, improper pipe placement, and careless practices like leaving debris inside the pipes before installation will cause pipes to eventually crack and leak.

    We at Supreme Steel Pipe Corp. ensure high-quality water pipes that are reliable, resistant to corrosion, and easy to install. We offer water pipes that are expert-certified, affordable, and have undergone rigorous testing and inspection.

    Plumbing Maintenance or Installation

    Plumbing maintenance or installation

    One of the more easily fixed causes of air in water pipes is through plumbing maintenance or repairs. Air can enter a water system through recent plumbing work or maintenance. Doing pipe repairs can introduce air into the pipes as some repair processes require technicians to uninstall pipes and pipe fittings in a system.

    This cause can be easily addressed by turning your main water supply off and turning all faucets to the on position. This will allow trapped air to travel through the water line. You can then turn the water supply back on again, and let your water run for 10 to 15 minutes until the water no longer splutters or the pipes no longer display signs of having air trapped in the water pipe.

    Water Supply Interruptions

    Urban areas experience constant water supply interruptions. While it is commonly viewed as an inconvenience, these instances can also cause air to get trapped inside water pipes.

    Routine tasks such as modifying the plumbing or installing new components can let air into piping systems as the continuous and pressured flow of the water is interrupted. Luckily, this can be remedied by professionals or by homeowners if the interruption happens in a smaller area.

    Broken Plumbing Parts

    Broken plumbing parts

    Pipes and pipe fittings can break apart over time, letting the air into the system. These broken components can take time and money to repair, inconveniencing residential houses, commercial spaces, and even industry sectors.

    Fortunately, we pride ourselves in offering only reliable and durable water pipes and pipe fittings. Ensure the longevity and security of your piping systems by taking a look at our products here.


    Drought can cause underground water to deplete as there will be less water to replenish it. As the water levels lessen, air can replace water in the pipe system.

    Some areas in the Philippines can be prone to drought and dry spells, particularly during the summer months or during occurrences of El Niño. During these times, the lack of rainfall and extremely high temperatures can cause water tables and natural water resources to be significantly lower.

    One way to ensure your water pipes and systems remain in tip-top shape is to regularly check and maintain them. Investing in durable and reliable water pipes such as the ones by Supreme Steel Pipe Corp. can help mitigate potential damage of air within your water system.

    Key Takeaway

    Identifying what causes the air in the water pipes of your system makes it easier for you and a professional plumber to effectively resolve it.

    Guarantee the quality and reliability of your water pipes and piping systems with us, a trusted pipe supplier in the Philippines. Enjoy our high-quality range of products that is both affordable and suitable for all types of plumbing systems. Contact us today!