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    What Is Hydrotesting?

    What Is Hydrotesting?

    It’s inevitable for pipes to undergo repairs and experience downtime. This can be because of cracks and leaks in the system. However, before it can be fully operational again, the pipe needs to undergo hydrotesting. In this blog, we’ll answer this question: what is hydrotesting, and take a closer look at it. Read on to learn more.

    What is hydrotesting?

    Hydrotesting is the process of checking pipe systems, pipeline equipment, and any type of plumbing. It helps determine the structural integrity of different kinds of pipes. his test is often conducted after repairs or shutdowns as equipment must be validated before going into operational service again. It’s necessary to conduct this test to check for any abnormal conditions or signs of leakage in the pipes

    What is hydrotesting used for?

    What is hydrotesting used for?

    Engineers use hydrotesting as a tool to ensure that the equipment has been repaired properly. Usually, hydrotesting is employed for steel pipes and other piping equipment to work out any potential leaks and validate that they’re safe for use, especially after it has gone through repairs.

    How does hydrotesting work?

    During this test, a pipe is filled with water. Next, pressure is applied to the pipeline to bring it to its acceptable test pressure. For this test, the pressure level is usually higher than what its design can take. It is held at that level for a required timeframe to check for any leaks. Once that’s finished, the pipe is depressurized.

    Depending on who’s conducting the quality test, dyes can be applied to the water to help with leak inspection and analysis.

    This type of inspection offers more detailed information than just visually inspecting your objects because engineers look for any inconsistencies. This allows them to schedule further repairs. Another hydro test can be conducted after repairs before allowing the pipe to be operational again.

    Benefits of hydrotesting your steel pipes for quality control

    Benefits of hydrotesting your steel pipes for quality control

    At Supreme Pipe, we assure our customers that our steel pipes meet industry standards. It undergoes hydrotesting and other necessary quality inspections to guarantee safety and quality products before distributing them to the market.

    Determines structural integrity

    Hydrotesting is essential for steel pipes as it determines their structural integrity. As the pipes undergo high pressure or water testing, the overall build of the pipe is assessed and examined. With this, it’s able to provide a steel pipe supplier with a clue as to the quality of their pipe-making processes,

    Precise inspection

    It’s required to subject all manufactured piping products for precise inspection. Here at Supreme Pipe, we know the importance of inspecting every pipe product we have that passes through our facilities. That’s why except for the surface-level assessment of our materials, we also monitor our products through a comprehensive testing process like hydrotesting to ensure that all of them are necessarily fit for their intended use.

    Spots defect

    Supreme Pipe highly subjects all of our steel pipes to hydrotesting before distributing them in the market. It’s because we want to spot or identify any presence of defects or flaws in our products. Afterward, we test our pipes as part of our pipeline, or system maintenance. Because we know that steel pipes are weak to tears, scratches, or cracks that affect their quality, hydrotesting helps us to determine any flaws to measure the capacity of our pipes.

    As mentioned, some common flaws that may take place on the pipe are cracks, leakages, and rust.

    Determines durability and reliability

    With hydrotesting, it helps determine the durability and reliability of our steel pipes. As mentioned in this blog, one of the common processes of hydrotesting is adding high pressure and temperature to pipes to see if they’re able to withstand these pressures.

    After assessing their quality, the steel pipes can now be distributed in the market. Thus, any future maintenance or replacement can be safely done without bursting out any leaks.

    Key Takeaway

    This article answered the question “what is hydrotesting” to give you an idea of quality control tests conducted on steel pipes. When purchasing steel pipes, you can ask their manufacturers if their pipes have undergone these tests to check how thorough they are with their inspections.

    If you’re looking for a steel pipe supplier in the Philippines, then you’ve come to the right place. We at Supreme Pipe provide our customers with the best pipes. We have received TUV Rheinland and ISO 9001:2000 certifications that show we comply with industry regulations and standards.

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