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    When is The Best Time to Get a Repiping Service for Your Commercial Space?

    When is The Best Time to Get a Repiping Service for Your Commercial Space?

    When is the best time to get a repiping service for your commercial space?


    1. You have an old building
    2. The water is discolored
    3. There are frequent repairs
    4. Low water pressure
    5. Presence of molds


    Commercial spaces hold more people than most other buildings there are. As anyone would expect, the pipes in commercial spaces undergo plenty more stress than those in residential areas. The piping job for commercial buildings is understandably built to be sturdier. But even though they can last a lot longer than residential piping jobs, the best time to get a repiping service for your commercial space will still come.


    The longer the plumbing system has been in place, the more wear it has already withstood. Malfunctions or broken parts should be expected, and for those cases, all you need are repairs. When the whole system is outdated or can no longer be made to function well from repairs alone, you might need a repiping service. Too much damage to the piping system will call for a complete repiping service.


    There are a number of signs to look out for to realize that repiping is necessary. To learn more about the specific time when you should get repiping service, keep reading below!


    You have an old building


    The very first thing to consider is the age of your building and the plumbing system that it has. You’ll learn throughout the article that corrosion is normal and it happens gradually over time, no matter the quality of the pipes. If you already know that the building has been around since, say, the 1970s, it might be due for a complete repiping. Not only would it have accumulated damages over the years, but there’s a good chance that your pipes’ materials are outdated.


    The water is discolored


    One of the biggest warning signs that something is wrong with your pipes is the discoloration of water. Getting brown water could mean that your pipes are rusting, and it’s contaminating the water. Although they’re not considered a health hazard, having rust in your water can still be very unpleasant.


    If left unaddressed, the rust may start coloring your porcelain sink, your faucets, and even your clothes. In commercial spaces, rusty water could quickly make your comfort rooms unsightly and unprofessional. Because commercial spaces are a lot bigger, it’s much more difficult to determine if the rust is coming from your pipes or the main water source. The best thing to do is to call the professionals to take a look at your pipes.


    There are frequent repairs


    Plumbing repairs are normal as any plumbing system can corrode or break eventually. But if you notice that the repairs are becoming constant and frequent, the problem may be bigger than you realize. Pipes in a commercial building lose their durability and become more vulnerable to corrosion over time. When too many repairs are happening, it could be a sign that they are reaching the end of their functional lives. Commercial buildings have more complicated plumbing systems, so it’s better to catch the problem before it creates more complications. Get the pipes assessed and get a repiping service immediately if needed.


    Low water pressure


    To be fair, low water pressure could be caused by any number of things. But if there isn’t anything obvious that’s causing a drop in water pressure, it could be the suffering integrity of your pipes. Corrosion in the pipes lessens the amount of water that could flow in them as it shrinks the clearance away. With less water in the pipes, the water pressure will be weaker.


    If you’re aware that your commercial building has an old plumbing system, you can consider low water pressure as another sign that your pipes may be giving out. Experiencing this drop in water pressure along with the other warning signs mentioned here could be an indicator that a repiping is needed.


    Presence of molds


    The presence of molds on the walls and ceilings of your commercial building may be evidence of persistent leaks in the plumbing system. Leaks are one of the most common problems with pipes as many things can cause them like clogs, intrusion of tree roots, bad installation, and many others. But if the leaks are caused by old pipes, it could be beyond repair. Replacements should be done as soon as possible to avoid further water and mold damage to the building.


    Key Takeaway


    You’ll know that it’s the best time to get a repiping service for your commercial space when all the warning signs are present. Some building managers may be hesitant to do a complete repiping, but it’s important to make it a priority for the safety and comfort of all who use the building.


    When you get your commercial space repiped, you would need good quality pipes to replace the old, worn down ones. At Supreme Pipe, we supply only the best quality steel pipes to all of our customers. Take a look at the products we offer here, and contact us if you’re interested!