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    Why Is My Water Pressure So High?

    Why Is My Water Pressure So High?

    Why is your water pressure so high?

    1. Living around a hilly area
    2. Living near tall buildings
    3. Being located in a low area/zone
    4. Having a faulty water pressure regulator

    When you think of problems related to water pressure, usually you think of having not enough water pressure for you to take a shower, fill up your washing machine, etc. But did you know that having too much water pressure is equally a problem? In fact, it’s more harmful to your possessions in the long run as opposed to suffering mere inconveniences brought about by low water pressure. In this article, we answer the question many homeowners ask: “Why is my water pressure high?”. 


    Why Is High Water Pressure Bad?

    Why Is High Water Pressure Bad?

    Before we delve deep into understanding why your water pressure is so high, it’s good to know what the big deal with high water pressure is in the first place. 


    The first question you might want to know is whether or not high water pressure is a bad thing. The short answer is, yes it is harmful. And there are four main reasons why.


    First of all, high water pressure damages your pipes and plumbing. Water is a force not to be reckoned with. Even if you have superior pipes and plumbing, the power of high-pressured water will accelerate your plumbing’s wear-and-tear process at break-neck speeds, and you don’t want that. 


    Secondly, because of the possible wear-and-tear, you’ll start seeing water pipe leaks, usually seen around joints, faucets, and valves, which causes the third problem — water wastage. A little becomes a lot and this holds true not only when we’re talking about the accumulation of an overnight dripping to waking up with the entire bathroom floor flooded. It also applies when it comes to your water bill. The incessant wasted water trickles down and adds up to be an unnecessary burden.


    Lastly and possibly worst of all, having excessive water pressure in your home ruins appliances. Your washing machine, your dishwasher, your installations like your faucets, your shower, your toilet, and so much more can all have a reduced lifespan because of high water pressure. Continue reading to understand the reasons for high water pressure. 


    Living around a hilly area

    If you live near hills where houses, and buildings are located, it only makes sense that the local water supplier has to increase the pressure of their output water supply in order for the water to reach even the houses on even the highest hills. Because of this, the water which enters your house which is not located on top of a hill will receive water pressure that’s higher than normal.


    Living near tall buildings

    This works with the same logic as living near a hilly residential area. Office buildings, condos, and other skyscrapers usually have their own series of water pump systems, but the water supplier can also be requested to increase the water pressure in order to aid their water pump systems. So, water pressure will exceed what’s needed for your residential, non-high rise home.


    Being located in a low area/zone

    This reason has something to do with physics, specifically the way gravity works. Even if your source of water distributes water at a reasonable water pressure to the neighborhood or city, if your house is located in a valley-like area, the water pressure will tend to increase on its way to your house because of gravity. Water is a very heavy thing, and the pressure it exerts even simply because of gravity is significant.


    Having a faulty water pressure regulator

    Having a faulty water pressure regulator

    Usually, 60 psi (pounds per square inch) is the standard water pressure for an average house in the Philippines. When, because of the first 3 reasons, the water pressure exceeds the standard, a device called a water pressure regulator is installed in order to maintain the standard water pressure level. However, if that water pressure regulator has worn out over time, it begins to fail its task. 


    This is why it is important to make sure that your water pressure regulator is replaced every 7-12 years in order to make sure that your house’s water pressure does not harm your appliances, pipes, and installations.


    Invest in making your plumbing last. Make sure that you can make your pipes last, prevent leaks, and keep your appliances and fixtures in working order by investing in a proper water pressure regulator. 


    In the short run, you might deem it beneficial to have a high-pressured shower every morning before you work as opposed to having a single-stream shower. In the long run, however, keeping your water pressure nice and controlled is better than having to replace your pipes.


    Key Takeaway

    If you’re asking the question “Why is my water pressure high?”, we’ve stated four potential reasons why. Prolong the life of your plumbing and appliance by keeping your water pressure controlled.


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