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    7 Signs You Should Replace Your Black Iron Pipes

    7 Signs You Should Replace Your Black Iron Pipes

    What are signs I need to replace my black iron pipes?

    1. Strange and foul odors
    2. Wet spots
    3. Mold growth
    4. Patches of green
    5. Pipe barnacles
    6. Pest infestation
    7. Cracking and sagging

    Black iron pipes are installed in many homes and buildings due to their various uses and beneficial properties. They are well-made construction materials with increased durability, corrosion resistance, and aesthetic value. However, they can still degrade over time and need to be replaced every few decades.

    To protect the integrity of your property, knowing the warning signs to replace your black iron pipes is a must. Here, we give the eight indicators of damage and deterioration that every property owner should keep an eye out for. Read on!

    Strange and Foul Odors

    While your plumbing and gas systems should normally be airtight with black iron pipes, there is still a possibility of damage and defects occurring. A sure sign that there is a crack or leak in your black iron pipes is if you notice a consistent, noxious smell in one or more rooms.

    This odor is caused by many things. It could be from a cracked plumbing pipe, which would emit the gases from your waste. It could also be caused by mercaptan, which is a substance added to natural gas. Natural gas is odorless, so mercaptan is added to it to identify a leak.

    Whichever the source is, a foul and persisting smell is a warning sign of a dangerous problem for your home. This means that a gas leak needs to be addressed, and your black pipes need to be replaced as soon as possible.

    Wet Spots

    Wet Spots

    If there are spots on your floors, ceilings, and walls, it might be caused by a pipe leak. Inspect the size of these spots as well as their frequency to have a good idea of how big and how many leaks your home has. If there is one small spot, you could probably repair the leak on your own.

    However, if there are numerous spots or a single large one, don’t wait to call for a replacement. These leaks can turn into significant damage to your property as they could indicate a pipe is ready to burst. Additionally, if repairs have been done but the wet spots persist, it would be a good idea to forgo further repairs and just replace the section of black iron pipe.

    Mold Growth

    Damage to your black iron pipes could trigger the production of dangerous fungi. If your interiors suddenly have small patches of mold, it’s a good indicator that the interiors of your building are overly moist and damp — caused by constant pipe leaks.

    Mold can be extremely harmful to those living on an affected property, especially those who have lung and respiratory issues. So, it’s important not to overlook mold growth, even if it only crops up in one area. It’s best to call your plumber for an inspection and find out how much of your pipes need to be repaired or completely replaced.

    Patches of Green

    Patches of Green

    Sewage and water lines likely run under gardens in older properties. Any cracks in your black iron pipes can force water, sewage, and minerals upwards to your lawn. Similar to mold, most plants will grow and thrive with the right conditions. Pipe leaks feed lots of nutrients for plants, which can cause patches of vibrant growth on your lawn.

    If you see any sudden changes to your plants or notice that your grass looks a lot greener than usual, then it might be time for a pipe inspection. While this may not always be the cause, it’s good to be vigilant for any outdoor leaks. At best, you’ll be able to catch this issue immediately and replace your black iron pipes promptly.

    Pipe Barnacles

    This is a term that refers to rust and calcified buildup that can appear on the exteriors of a black iron pipe. These spots can weaken the structural integrity of black iron, and lead to fissures, flaking, and even deterioration.

    While barnacles might be hard to spot for most pipes, some black iron pipes are exposed indoors for their aesthetic appeal. This is common in industrial and modern-styled homes. In addition, some older properties have exposed pipes in secluded parts of the home, usually in the basement.

    Make sure you inspect these pipes every once in a while and call in a professional to check the other pipes located in hard-to-reach areas. Keep an eye out for any discoloration, flaking, bumps, and other flaws on the exterior of your back iron pipe.

    Pest Infestation

    Pest Infestation

    If you notice that there are suddenly rodents and pests on your property, this may be a sign of degraded black iron pipes. Even the smallest crack can let in pests that love damp environments and the smell of waste. Over time, they can also bore a bigger crack to let in more of their kind. If left unchecked, you could have an infestation on your hands.

    So if you want to address your pest problem for good, don’t just call for an exterminator. Contact your plumber and have them inspect which pipes have been affected, and how much of your system you need to replace.

    Cracking and Sagging

    One of the most dangerous signs of broken-down black iron pipes is a cracked or sagging structure. This can affect nearly every part of the property — your walls, your foundation, even your driveway. This is caused by large water and sewage leaks that have gone unnoticed for some time.

    A good way to check is to stand outside your property and look at the exterior of the building. Check if the soil in your yard, your driveway, and the front of your home is leveled. If it looks like it’s uneven, you should have your home professionally inspected.

    Key Takeaway

    If you have black iron pipes in your home, it’s imperative to know the indicators of damage and decay. Knowing the seven signs to replace your black iron pipes will help you keep both your house and your family from further harm.

    In the event that you notice one of these signs, don’t wait to replace your plumbing and gas systems with new, high-quality pipes from Supreme Pipe. Contact us today to see our products and how they can benefit your home.