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    5 Things To Know About Black Iron Pipes

    5 Things To Know About Black Iron Pipes

    What are the things to know about black iron pipes?

    1. These are made of low-grade mild steel 
    2. Can be galvanized to prevent corrosion 
    3. Mainly used for transporting gas
    4. Can withstand extreme temperature
    5. Economical

    Ask any steel pipe supplier in the Philippines and they will agree that there are various types of metals and alloys used as pipes — whether iron, steel, copper, or aluminum. In addition to that, there are many variations of each kind of metal. For example, there are cast iron pipes and galvanized iron pipes. There are also carbon steel pipes and stainless steel pipes. For copper, there are rigid and soft copper tubing variations. In this article, we will focus on discussing black iron pipes. When are you going to consider this type of pipe for your building project? What are things to know about black iron pipes? Continue reading to learn more! 


    These are Made of Low-Grade Mild Steel 

    Despite its name, black iron pipes are not made of black iron. These are made of a low-grade mild steel compound. This means that it is made of steel that has a low carbon content of between 0.05 percent to 0.025 percent. 


    The mild steel content of black iron pipes makes them stronger than copper, aluminum, or PVC counterparts. As for what makes black iron pipes have the color black, it is due to the presence of iron oxide, which is naturally found in iron-rich materials such as low-grade mild steel.

    Can be Galvanized to Prevent Corrosion

    Can be Galvanized to Prevent Corrosion

    Black iron pipes are made of low-grade mild steel that has not been coated with zinc or paint. As a result, exposing these pipes to water, oxygen, and especially salt water can lead to corrosion. This is why black iron pipes are typically not recommended for a home or building’s water piping system. 


    Fortunately, black iron pipes have a natural oxide coating that helps prevent rust. What’s more is that the corrosion resistance of mild steel can be further strengthened through the addition of carbon or galvanization. Galvanization is the process of applying a zinc layer to steel to reinforce corrosion resistance. Galvanized steel also helps prevent mineral deposit buildup that can block pipelines.

    Mainly Used for Transporting Gas

    Most pipes transport water, while some pipes transport air. However, given that water speeds up corrosion, black iron pipes are mainly used in households and industries that utilize gas lines for cooking, heating, and manufacturing. 


    For large-scale kitchens or processes that require gas like propane or natural gas, black iron pipes are the go-to because of their strength, durability, and ability to prevent leaks. And without having to worry about corrosion from the inside, transporting gas is the perfect task for black iron pipes. 

    Can Withstand Extreme Temperatures

    Propane and natural gas are flammable. This is why the materials that handle such flammable materials should be resistant to flame and can withstand high temperatures. That’s where black iron pipes become beneficial. Black iron pipes can withstand up to 530 degrees Celsius (980 degrees Fahrenheit) of heat. 


    If your goal is to transport natural gas and propane, consider using metal pipes instead of PVC. Why? You would need a material that is more resilient and resistant to high temperatures for the sake of safety. But if you choose other types of metal pipes, such as copper pipes or aluminum, these may not have the same properties of durability and strength that are present in carbon steel, mild steel, or even galvanized steel pipes. 


    For those who need to transport gas while being economical and practical as possible, black iron pipes strike the perfect balance of strength, durability, and price. Arguably, black iron pipes are more affordable than galvanized pipes because of the zinc coating absence. 

    Key Takeaway

    In this article, we discussed some of the things to know about black iron pipes. Black iron pipes are durable, cost-effective, and made of low-grade mild steel. 


    When choosing pipes, it goes without saying that top quality should be your main priority. If you’re looking to purchase black iron pipes or galvanized pipes in the Philippines, check out our pipe products at Supreme Pipe! 


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