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    Different Types of Pipes Used in Plumbing

    Different Types of Pipes Used in Plumbing

    What are the different types of pipes used in plumbing?

    1. Stainless Steel Pipes
    2. Galvanized Pipes
    3. Cast Iron Pipes
    4. Black Iron Pipes
    5. PVC Pipes


    Plumbing is used in residential homes, commercial businesses, and industrial factories. Without it, people would need to collect their water every day. Used water from toilets and baths would also need to be transported. But not all pipes are used the same way. Some are used for supplying potable water, while others are made to transport gas. If you want to learn about pipes used in plumbing, keep on reading!


    Stainless Steel Pipes

    Most people would be familiar with stainless steel. True to its name, this pipe can resist corrosion. Aside from this, it also has qualities that help it endure chlorine disinfection.

    Stainless steel is commonly found in homes and establishments as water supply lines. It is durable, which means that it is strong enough to maintain its shape in both hot and cold applications.

    Stainless steel is very strong, but it is also lightweight. It can withstand high pressures even when you choose pipes with small diameters. This is why it is recommended in homes and buildings with limited spaces. It is costlier than other pipes in the market, but it will make any room more aesthetically pleasing.


    Galvanized Pipes

    Galvanized Pipes

    If you prefer iron or steel, you may want to take a look at galvanized pipes. It is a metal tubing coated with zinc to increase its durability. The added protection is like a barrier that shields the base metal from elements that can induce corrosion. Back then, it was the main choice when it comes to residential plumbing.

    But nowadays, you can see this piping being used in wastewater and gas connections. The threaded ends can be easily connected to other tubing for maximizing length.

    It is extremely tough that’s why it is perfect for environments where impact and abrasion are an issue. It is a relatively cheap option if you want strong and tough piping.


    Cast Iron Pipes

    Cast iron pipes are mainly used in underground sewage. Nowadays, it can still be found in homes and drainage systems all around the city. In the right conditions, these can last from 80 to 100 years.

    It is very heavy, which means that it needs some kind of support while being assembled. Instead of threaded ends, these pipes are fixed together using a bell and spigot joint.

    The bell is the enlarged part at one end of the tube. A plug-like connection is inserted and fixed with strong sealants. The smallest one you can find is available in 4-inch diameter.


    Black Iron Pipes

    steel pipes on black and white

    Are you looking for piping for gas lines? Most people would recommend metals for this application. This is because plastic can easily warp and leak, causing problems such as poisoning and fire.

    This is where the black iron pipe does its job. It can withstand extreme heat, making it a suitable choice for gas supply. You just need to look for tapes that can resist high temperatures as well. But even though it is made of black iron, this piping could be fitted just like your ordinary plastic tubes.

    But because assembling gas lines is a delicate job, you need to look for licensed plumbers to do the job for you. While black iron itself is very tough, the joints must be airtight and safe from leaks.


    PVC Pipes

    Polyvinyl chloride (PVC) can be used in water supply or drainage. It doesn’t change water quality because it’s not affected by rust. This makes it one of the best choices when it comes to transporting drinking water. PVC can also be connected to metal piping in several applications.

    PVC is easy to transport, cut, and install. Most people who don’t hire plumbers use this piping on their own DIY projects. It is also cheaper than other choices in the market. But because these are made of plastic, it is not recommended when using as a gas line.

    If you plan on using hot water, stainless steel is recommended over PVC. This is because plastic piping can easily warp in high temperatures.


    Key Takeaway

    The pipes used in plumbing will vary depending on your needs. For example, black iron piping is recommended when it comes to gas lines. For drainage, both cast iron and galvanized pipes can be used. To supply cold water, PVC is commonly used because of its affordability. But for more extreme temperatures, you should opt for stainless steel.

    Always make sure to ask your plumbing supplier about the maintenance and usage of your new pipes. This will ensure that you will maximize its life expectancy and prevent any problems in the future.

    Do you need high-quality black iron, galvanized iron, and steel piping? You may contact Supreme Pipe for your questions and inquiries. Aside from plumbing, it can also be used in different applications in residential, commercial, and industrial establishments.


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