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    Best Water Pipe in the Philippines

    Best Water Pipe in the Philippines

    What are the best water pipes in the Philippines?

    1. Supreme Pipe
    2. Superior Pipe


    One of the most crucial components of any construction project is the water system, whether it’s for potable or non-potable water. These systems are responsible for supplying and managing different resources for a building.


    When it comes to water systems, we always look for piping material that is long-lasting, durable, and suitable for the application. And over the years, certain pipes have been designed to provide the most value and functionality for their price. In this article, we’ll go over how these water systems are used, and which are the best water pipes in the Philippines.


    What are Water Pipes?

    What are Water Pipes?

    Water pipes are equipment designed to transport any liquid from one place to another. Water pipes come in a wide range of sizes — spanning from 144 inches in diameter to as small ½ inch. 


    The variants of water pipe include those that are heavy gauge and/or with large diameters, which are generally used to supply or service larger groups of consumers. On the other hand, light gauge and/or smaller diameter pipes are typically used as smaller branch lines, connected to individual consumers or smaller buildings. 


    Water pipes also come in a variety of materials, including different plastics, copper, steel, and iron. Each type of pipe material has different recommended applications, due to their varying mechanical properties and compatibility with different liquids.


    Joining individual water pipe lengths to make up extensive water systems is also common, and made possible by the use of flanges, nipples, and soldered joints.


    Most water pipes are located underground, but in some cases, they might run aboveground and are supported by metal or concrete pylons. However, much like the recommended applications, some pipe materials are more suited to aboveground settings than others. 


    What are Water Pipes Used For?

    In the Philippines, the major applications of water pipes range from water delivery to irrigation systems. They play pivotal roles in many industries and are one of the most important parts of any construction project.


    Major uses of water pipes in the Philippines include the following: 

    • Water — Potable water delivery. In public areas, water systems are constructed in a tree-like structure that consists of many different kinds of water pipes. These include transmission lines (which are the main thoroughfare for water), distribution lines, and service connections. 
    • Sewer — This includes two different systems: sanitary and storm drains. Sanitary systems are responsible for transporting waste water away from your building. Storm drains, on the other hand, handle the runoff from your property and prevent flooding.
    • Drain/Waste — Similar to sanitary systems, they transport wastewater within a building.
    • Agriculture — Delivers water for agricultural purposes, typically for irrigation and ground drainage.


    Potable vs Non-Potable Water Pipes

    The pipes used to transport potable (a.k.a. drinkable) water uses different materials than pipes used to carry wastewater or non-drinkable water. 


    This is because each kind of material we use for piping reacts differently with water. In some cases, these reactions leech material in water. Some pipes don’t last very long when exposed to drinking water — especially when the water (or environmental temperature) is too hot or too cold. In either case, these pipes are not a safe option for transporting drinking water. 


    What are the Best Water Pipes in the Philippines?

    What are the Best Water Pipes in the Philippines?

    When it comes to the best water pipes in the Philippines for non-potable water systems, Supreme Pipe is the right supplier to work with! We provide quality pipe products and solutions that can be used for a wide range of plumbing applications.


    Our best water pipe selection includes two of our products: the Supreme Pipe and the Superior Pipe. Both options are Schedule 40 and ASTM A-53/PNS 26 grade, heavy gauge pipes that come in either black iron or galvanized iron.


    These water pipes in the Philippines offer the best durability and performance you can attain. Designed to withstand even the most demanding environments, our water pipes present excellent quality that is sure to deliver for years — no matter what construction project you have in mind. 


    That said, when considering which water pipe to use between our Superior and Supreme Pipe, the answer will depend upon the needs of your project. To help you make the right choice, our team is just one inquiry away. Click here to contact us, and we’d be happy to help you complete your project with our quality products.


    Key Takeaway

    Water pipes in the Philippines are one of the most important aspects of any building. They create systems that fulfill several purposes, from transporting wastewater away from your property, to supplying drinkable water for consumers. 

    If you’re looking for the best water pipes in the Philippines, then Supreme Pipe is your best supplier. With our decades of experience as the top steel pipe supplier in the Philippines, we offer top-quality black iron and galvanized iron water pipes that are proven to last long and offer value for money. Contact us today!