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    7 Advantages of Using Steel Pipe Scaffolding

    7 Advantages of Using Steel Pipe Scaffolding

    What are the advantages of using steel pipe scaffolding?

    1. Tough and durable
    2. Higher carrying capacity
    3. Easy to assemble and disassemble
    4. Can be used on bigger jobs
    5. Has standard forms and geometry
    6. Provides a steady, firm platform
    7. Environmentally friendly

    Scaffolds are an integral material for all building construction, repair, and maintenance projects. We use them to create a temporary platform to support workers while they work on those hard-to-reach areas of the building. Of all the types of scaffolding available, steel pipe scaffolding is one of the most widely used — but why? 

    Here are the many advantages of steel scaffolding, and why you should choose it for your next construction project. 

    What is steel pipe scaffolding?

    Scaffolding is a temporary structure that is used to provide access to building areas that are high up or remote. The main purpose of scaffolding is to create an adjustable platform for workers to perform their jobs and transport materials and supplies at different heights. Without this structure, it would be difficult to perform construction, repair, and maintenance tasks on a building.

    Typically, scaffolding is made from a variety of materials, such as aluminum, timber, and bamboo. But, the most commonly used one is steel piping, due to the many benefits of using steel in this application:

    Tough and durable

    Steel is one of the toughest and most durable metals available. Compared to others, steel has enhanced weather, fire, wear, and corrosion resistance. This means it can tough it out against adverse conditions like heavy rains, scorching sunlight, and high foot traffic. 

    This toughness means that it generally has a longer lifespan than other scaffolding materials. You can rest assured that your steel pipe scaffolding can last many jobs — and many years — without losing quality or functionality. Therefore, it is one of the safest and most sustainable platform options, which is why it is so widely used in the construction industry. 

    Higher carrying capacity
    Higher carrying capacity

    As mentioned previously, steel pipe scaffolding is a very strong material. Due to its improved strength compared to other materials, it offers a higher carrying capacity. Steel pipe scaffolding can easily bear heavier weights. For example, it could hold multiple people, plus their tools and building supplies, without shaking or swaying. 

    Steel is also a material that can bear heavy weight comfortably, which helps it create a structurally sound platform. Even under duress, it is not likely to break or bend easily. It can also safely carry the weight of workers and equipment even in harsh environments, such as areas with heavy winds.

    Easy to assemble and disassemble

    Despite their strength and toughness, steel pipe materials are actually lighter than you would expect. This makes them easier to assemble and disassemble at the construction site. Steel pipe scaffolding is also much easier to transport to and from the site, as they can be transported in large amounts, and are easy to pack and unpack on a truck. 

    This is an important advantage over other materials. Scaffolding needs to be assembled at a quick pace to start construction projects as soon as possible. With steel pipe scaffolding, you can erect the temporary structure at a faster rate, which makes the project more efficient. 

    Can be used on bigger jobs
    Can be used on bigger jobs

    Another great advantage that steel pipe scaffolding offers is its structural stability. This allows manufacturers to offer steel pipes in different designs and sizes, which you can then assemble in various forms. 

    You can assemble steel pipe scaffolding in both single and double scaffolding formats — and build them up to great heights. This is typically difficult to do with other materials, like timber and bamboo scaffolding. Thus, steel pipe scaffolding can be used to create platforms without height limitations, so it’s ideal for construction jobs on taller buildings. 

    Has standard forms and geometry

    Steel materials for scaffolding follow the standard forms and geometries of steel pipe products. This makes it much easier for you to order, manufacture, and assemble steel pipe scaffolding materials. And, as they use standard geometrical sized pieces, it also ensures that the right 90 degree angles — which are imperative to creating a stable platform — are obtained easily.

    Provides a steady, firm platform
    Provides a steady, firm platform

    Steel pipes are some of the most steady and firm materials for construction projects — including scaffolding. With steel pipe scaffolding, you’re guaranteed a safe and steady platform for your construction project. 

    It is less likely to experience problems that affect its durability, such as rust, cracks, and the like. Thus, there is less danger of it falling apart, being poorly erected, or becoming loose — which prevents accidents with both workers and passers-by. 

    Environmentally friendly

    One of the lesser-known advantages of using steel materials is its environmental impact. Compared to other metal and wood materials, it is incredibly sustainable. For example, timber scaffolding has a serious impact on the environment, as it contributes to the deforestation problem. 

    On the other hand, the steel industry is capable of recycling old scaffolding material, saving non-renewable resources, and limiting the use of primary energy when creating their scaffolding products. This, plus steel’s long lifespan, means that steel pipe scaffolding is an environmentally friendly material.

    Key Takeaway

    There are many advantages to steel scaffolding that ensure safety, efficiency, and comfort for you and your workers in your construction project. 

    But not all steel products are made the same — always buy your scaffolding materials and systems from an established and reputable steel manufacturer, like Supreme Pipe. We are the leading steel pipe supplier in the Philippines, and we have the best scaffolding products for any construction project. Contact us today to learn more.