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    Pipes: When to Repair or Replace?

    Pipes: When to Repair or Replace?

    When to repair vs replace pipes?

    1. If the pipe is made out of outdated materials
    2. How often you experience pipe problems
    3. The lifespan of your current pipes
    4. How much money you’re willing to spend

    Repair or replace? This is one of the most common questions property owners ask when they find out they are dealing with a pipe problem. Replacing pipes can be a hefty investment in both time and money, while repairing them may only offer a band-aid solution to a bigger and more costly problem in the long run. In this article, we’ll cover what you need to consider when you are weighing your options between repair vs replace pipes. 


    No one wants to replace pipes they could just repair, but no one wants to repair pipes that break constantly, either. It’s hard to know which is the right decision. So, if you’re stuck between the choice of repair vs replacement for your pipes, continue reading. 


    If The Pipe Is Made Out Of Outdated Materials

    If The Pipe Is Made Out Of Outdated Materials

    Check if your damaged pipe is made out of outdated materials, especially those that contain lead. These outdated materials are not just brittle, inefficient, and prone to problems, but they also pose a danger to people’s health. Exposure to lead, for example, can cause weakness, kidney damage, brain damage, anemia, and death. 


    Make sure to find out what your damaged pipe is made out of before making any decision. If your current pipes are made of or contain any lead, it’s time to replace them with modern pipe options, such as galvanized steel pipes. Galvanized steel pipes are safer because they do not contain lead and can last for up to 60 years, even in the harshest conditions. 


    How Often You Experience Pipe Problems

    How Often You Experience Pipe Problems

    Try to remember when your pipe problem first started. Is this an isolated problem? Or, are you experiencing mold, leaks, poor water pressure, clogs, discolored water, and other common pipe problems a few times every year? One pipe problem is fixable, while repeat pipe problems are a different thing entirely. 


    Keep track of how often you’ve had to repair your pipes in the past. If you’ve had to repair leaks and such several times before, then it’s likely you’ll deal with a similar problem in a matter of weeks or months. Repairing a pipe doesn’t make much sense if you’ll just have the same problem on your hands in no time. 


    If you’re experiencing repeat problems, you have to consider replacing that particular pipe section — or the whole piping system itself. 


    The Lifespan Of Your Current Pipes


    Sometimes, repairing a pipe will secure it for the next few years. In other times, repairing a pipe won’t do much for its lifespan. The latter is true when your pipes are older. In fact, the pipe problem you are experiencing might indicate that your pipes that are succumbing to old age. 


    If you can, figure out how old the pipes on your property are. When were the pipes installed? Have the pipes ever been replaced or repaired by past owners? If you find that your pipes are nearing the end of their useful life, then you might need to consider replacing them. Otherwise, you might be able to repair newer pipes without much problem. 


    How Much Money You’re Willing To Spend


    Money is an important consideration when it comes to dealing with a pipe problem. Whether you choose to repair or replace pipes, you will have to make a considerable investment. 


    Repairing your pipe tends to be a far cheaper option than replacing it. However, this is dependent on how extensive the damage in the pipe is. Because replacement entails replacing not just the damaged pipe, but an entire section of the pipe system, it tends to be more costly. Consider your budget for your pipe project.  


    Which Should You Choose: Repair or Replace Pipes?

    Which Should You Choose: Repair or Replace Pipes?

    When are repairs the best option for your pipes? When is it better to opt for a replacement? The answer to this question really lies in how extensive the damage is, and whether or not the pipes can be easily repaired.


    If you have isolated and uncommon problems and the rest of the pipe system is fairly new and in good shape, then you should have no problem with having them repaired. These pipe installments could last a few more decades when given the right repair and maintenance service.


    Replacement is more often than not the best option for homes and buildings if your property is on the older side, the pipe material is outdated, or you experience pipe problems regularly. As residential and building pipes have heavier applications, replacing damaged pipes with new, heavy-duty steel pipes can get you the best value for your money. Pipe replacements work effectively, are at less risk of breaking, and are more cost-effective in the long run. 


    Key Takeaway


    When it comes to your pipes, repair vs. replace can be a difficult choice to make. There are a few factors to consider before you can tackle your pipe problems. 


    If you do opt for replacement, contact Supreme Pipe today. We can help you figure out your best options for high-quality and reliable steel pipes in the Philippines to make sure you get the most out of your investment. 


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